When hearing about the Fyre Festival, one expects to know all about the fun times people had. This is not the case here!

Most of the people who went to the festival filed a lawsuit saying that the festival was so bad and didn’t meet their expectations.

The event organizers are apologizing to the ticket buyers as they realize that the festival “fell dramatically short of even the most modest expectations.”

Daniel Jung, a Fyre Festival goer, filed a lawsuit on Sunday against the organizers.

“Refunding ticket price is not enough!” Jung’s attorney, Ben Meiselas, said after retweeting the first pages of the suit.

The suit was filed in US District Court as Fyre Festival co-founder, Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, and the Fyre Media being the defendants.

False Promises

Jung complained that he purchased a $2,000 ticket package and an airfare. Paying that amount of money to go to an unsafe and catastrophic festival was a shock to Jung; a festival that promised “a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience on the Islands of the Exumas.”

The lawsuit is worth $100 million, filed on behalf of Jung and all the festival goers who are “similarly-situated persons.”

“What we thought was cool got really bad really fast,” he said. “The drinks were room temperature, there was absolutely no food…. It was literally like The Hunger Games,” Brett Linkletter, an attendee of the Festival, told ABC’s Good Morning America.

Even though, the Fyre Festival this year was a total disaster, it is planned to have another similar festival next year. “Next year, we will definitely start earlier,” McFarland said.

Apologies From The Organizers

Fyre Festival organizers sent apologies via emails to the attenders on Sunday morning, giving the attendees two options: to apply for a refund or take VIP tickets to next year’s event.

“The Fyre Festival is a dream and vision that we poured our hearts and souls into creating, and it fell dramatically short of even the most modest expectations,” the organizers emailed. “We’re heartbroken that we let down all the guests who put their faith in us and we fully recognize and own our shortcomings. We should have done better and we want to make it right.”