Extravagant and luxurious lifestyle is a feature of most stars in the world associated with their status as a rational element of modern societies.

Famous public figures and especially movie actors are associated with excessive spending, as their properties and purchases are headlined in various newspapers.

Johnny Depp is one of the top celebrities in the globe, persisting on the peak of fame since over a decade and is the hot topic of new stories daily. His fans idolize him and follow each single move he takes in his life and dig for rumors to know the deepest details of his life.

2 decades just thrown away

The Hollywood persona has recently fallen under the spotlights for a more controversial reason, as hi former business team “The Management Group” has revealed negative countenance of Mr.Depp in light of exchanged legal battles between them.

The 17 years that gathered the two counterparts in a worldwide success story has seen a dramatic end that saw the latter describing their ex-client to be: “habitual liar who denies responsibility for his own outrageous conduct and coerces others to lie for him”.

The global public relation and management concern stipulated the tremendous spending that was undertaken by the Hollywood star and his mythoman habitude made their collaboration an extremely difficult task for them.

Dishonest witness

Johnny Depp in retrospect has sued TMG for 25 million dollars for fraud and negligence, claiming their failure in managing his career and the disappointing performance they undertook, providing documents and a former employee as a witness to court.

The company spokesman in an interview countered the statements by saying that he was: “relying on dishonest, discredited statements from a vindictive former TMG employee who was fired seven years ago at which time the employee vowed to get TMG back”