Former Spice Girl Mel B’s former nanny sued her for defamation claiming that she lied about her in a court declaration.

Lorraine Gilles claims in her lawsuit that Mel B, whose full name is Melanie Brown, “seduced” her “with alcohol, fame and casual sex.”


According to Gilles, Brown’s declaration on April 3 had “needlessly and gratuitously included a number of supposedly factual statements” about Gilles, which include that Stephen Belafonte, Brown’s husband, was having sex with Gilles. It also claimed that Belafonte impregnated her and requested that she have an abortion, which Mel B’s money paid for.

The lawsuit reads: “When read in its totality, Brown’s declaration portrays Gilles as a home-wrecker, prostitute and extortionist, maliciously describing Gilles as being impudent, unscrupulous and exploitative.” It adds: “The statements made by Brown in her declaration are blatantly and demonstrably false” and were made with “reckless disregard of the truth.”

Life with Brown was vividly drawn by Gilles’ complaint. The lawsuit said: “In actuality, Brown, then 34 years old, seduced a naive and curious 18-year-old foreign exchange student, Gilles, with alcohol, fame and casual sex shortly after Gilles arrived in the United States in 2009. From the onset, Brown and Gilles developed a friendship and sexual relationship with one another that was separate and apart from Brown’s relationship with her husband.”

Belafonte “was not present during most of the sexual encounters between Gilles and Brown,” according to Gilles. However, she claims that she and Belafonte never had sex “without Brown’s knowledge or participation.”


The suit states that Gilles “is personally aware of several ‘sex tapes’ recorded by Brown or her husband showing the three individuals having consensual group sex.”

The lawsuit claims that Gilles got pregnant after a one-night stand with a guy she had met at “a popular bar in West Hollywood,” and that she was encouraged to get the abortion by Brown, she even gave her the cash for the procedure and a booked a hotel room for her recovery.

The filed suit alleges defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and seeks unspecified damages. It was filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court.