Kendal Jenner was floating around Coachella with the latest fashions and strong outfits, but she did not seem to be on point emotionally or socially.

“Kendall did not look happy,” said a source to PEOPLE magazine. “She was hanging out alone on a corner couch in the VIP area with Hailey Baldwin and staring at her phone.”

After a tour of dating app Bumble’s two-day bash that carried the theme of “Aspen Chic meets Desert Heat”, where the pair of close friends went over and visited the ice bar in to play various interactive games, Baldwin and Jenner went back to a VIP section and took seats under an igloo canvas and snapped a few photos.


The party came only weeks after Kendall’s “tone-deaf” advert for Pepsi had been released and pulled almost immediately after receiving outrage from social media.

In the Pepsi ad, entitled “Live for Now Moments Anthem,” the celebrity ditched one of her photoshoots and joined groups of highly attractive protesters on the streets. The ad ended with the model giving a police officer a can of Pepsi, who then opens the can takes a simple sip, and the demonstrators roared with approval.

“Kendall is still not happy about the controversy,” said a source to PEOPLE. “She plans on laying low until things calm down. She still talks about it a lot and has support from her family. She is spending a quiet weekend with her family.”


However Coachella didn’t make it simple for Kendal to keep up with a quiet and subtle life, especially after kicking off the Coachella weekend as a DJ guest during the 1Oak’s party Friday night.

“[Kendall] has been in constant communication with her mom and sisters,” said a Keeping Up with the Kardashians-related source to People. “Everyone is being very supportive and ready to give advice. Kendall is young and certainly not used to being involved in such controversy.”