On Wednesday, March 29, Lindsay Lohan was seen on a beach in Phuket, Thailand wearing a modest two-piece Burkini while paddleboarding.

Modest burkini:

US Weekly obtained pictures showing the 30 year old actress wearing a stylish black and red swimsuit. The modest swimsuit includes a black head covering which Lohan seemed to emphasize in several photos by posing with her hands on her head.

The actress, who was thrust to fame thanks to the movie Mean Girls, was seen perching atop rocks and looking off into the distance in several of the pictures obtained by the magazine. Other pictures show her on the paddleboard with the oar in hand and ready to practice the sport.

The Disney alumni has been on vacationing in Thailand for the last two weeks after having been on a trip to Dubai to visit family.

Lohan has also shared several pictures of herself on her Instagram while wearing more scantily clad swimsuits

Converting controversy:

Lohan has ignited speculation from fans that she may be converting to Islam, earlier this year. The actress had posted a message in Arabic, and since then she has posted several captions in both English and Arabic.

Lohan was raised Catholic. But she discussed why she was carrying a Quran in a photo that went viral in 2015, during an interview with Turkey’s Habertürk TV in October 2016

The actress said in the interview: “In America I was going through a lot with past things that had happened to me over a 10-year span, and my very close friends who have been there for me a lot in London are Saudi, and they gave me [the] Quran and I brought it to New York because I was learning, and it opened doors for me to experience spiritually, to find another true meaning.”