Every now and then, the newly elected head of state Mr. Donald Trump, endures humiliating remarks and comments by major public figures and entities across the globe as a direct reaction to his controversial policies. The president does not shy away to insist on his visions of governance and always finds backup from the parties that benefit from his proceedings.

When it comes to the radical phenomenon shaking all corners of the globe embodied in various factions, the most renown: The Islamic State of Syria and Levant; they weren’t an exception to the humiliations directed at the new head of Oval Office.

Radical Humiliation

The spokesperson of the terrorist organization, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, released yesterday an audio message online implicitly directed at the president of the United States of America in person.

The record issued in the Arabic language fired at Mr. Trump, calling him an ignorant man that lacks knowledge about the Islamic culture and is filled with “bigotry”. He was portrayed by the extremist entity as an “idiot” ignorant of the geographical dimensions of the Middle East that displays the level of intellect and down spiral of the U.S hegemonic rule over the globe. The statement displays America to be on the brinks of collapsing and bankruptcy in the light of the rise of ISIS.

Exchanged Hate is growth for both

This announcement is the first of his kind, as the terrorist group has never mentioned his name before or addressed him directly. In retrospective, the leader of “Free World” has built most of his campaign on the promises to eradicate them from the face of the world and to take harsh initiatives against the ideology that is centered around their constituency.

The contentious remarks and executive orders taken by the previous real estate mogul provoked vocal critiques, declaring his actions to be inciting and creating fertile ground for such outlaws to harvest anger and hate to their profit.