British military investigators found on the head camera of a marine soldier deployed in Afghanistan in 2011, the footage of an officer breaking the code of his duty and killing a wounded Taliban soldier in violation of the United Nation’s Geneva Convention.


The former Royal Marine Alexander Blackman, also known by his code name Marine-A, has since moved his battle to the court where he was convicted of murder. After several years of court appeals, the judges reduced his sentence from murder to manslaughter, dramatically reducing his term from life in jail to seven years which should set him free after three month based on time already served in jail.

A wave of joy and relief took over the crowds after the judges announced the final verdict especially from his wife Claire Blackman as she told the press: “We are overjoyed at the judges’ decision to significantly reduce Al’s sentence, such that he can be released imminently. This is the moment that we have all been fighting hard for. It is hard to believe that this day is finally here”.

The jubilation was shared by a crowd that came to support the cause as well as all the donors that supported him with 800000 £ in legal funds.

Mental Health

A determining factor in the hearing of Blackmans defense was the mitigation process in which his mental condition at the time of the incident was determined to be under “adjustment disorder” as well as the poor leadership that was shown by his principals and finally his distinguished record at the service of his country.

The diminished sentence is an indicator that the judges still hold him accountable for his action and don’t consider him free of all charges, which comes alongside his dismissal from the armed forces.