First Daughter Ivanka Trump sparked recent outrage after it was revealed that the costs of a spring break skiing holiday with her family was covered by taxpayer’s money.

The US president’s daughter and son Eric, along with husband Jared Kushner and their children allegedly required around 100 Secret Service officers to join the group in their travels to Colorado for the ski trip.

The secret service for the US is purely funded by taxpayers, and have been reported to cost citizens $12,208 for ski equipment as well as clothing that was rented at Aspen Valley’s Ski and Snowboard Club.


Other holiday-goers vacationing at the high-profile ski resort along Colorado’s Rocky Mountains expressed their anger regarding the presence of the Trump family. Some also portrayed their annoyance after struggling to obtain dinner reservations as well as increased traffic throughout the area.

Dozens of other residents staged a sudden protest in order to voice opposition of the president’s recent cuts to EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency.

Reported by the Aspen Times, data regarding the Federal Procurement Data System discovered that secret service agents signed contracts last week with a bill of  $12,208 to “lease or rental of equipment, clothing, individual equipment and insignia”.

The club’s president and director said to the news outlet that the club actually doesn’t rent out equiptment, and knows nothing of this contract or bill. “I see all the checks that come through here and I certainly didn’t see one from the Secret Service,” said Mark Godomsky. “For me, this is entirely out of the blue.”

One anonymous source from the local law enforcement said roughly that around 100 agents from the Secret Service expected to join the family, stating: “It’s a big gathering”.

Angry Responses Flood Social Media:

“GOP: Taxpayers can’t afford Meals on Wheels anymore, but they CAN afford to pay for Trump’s kids to vacation,” one critic said on Twitter.