Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has earned $174.75 million in North America and $182.2m overseas totaling a massive $357m worldwide.

Record breaking amounts:

The estimates were around $170m/$350m. But with Sunday’s gross being even bigger than projected, it means that the $160m-budgeted musical romance is a massive hit for all parties involved.

This major debut is noticeably bigger than other recent major blockbusters. Beauty and the Beast topped both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166.1m) and Iron Man 3 ($174.1m).

The movie is the sixth-highest opening weekend of all time. It’s also the biggest pre-summer opening ever and the second-biggest non-summer debut of all time, only preceded by Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its record-crushing $248 million debut. It’s even bigger than Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166.1m last March) to be crowned the biggest March debut and the biggest pre-summer opening ever.

A major win for Disney:

It’s the first or second-biggest female-fronted debut weekend ever, depending on whether Star Wars: The Force Awakens is considered as a female-driven movie or not. It’s worth noting that The Hunger Games movies and Twilight Saga offerings all played in 2D.

Beauty and the Beast is Walt Disney’s fifth-biggest debut weekend of all time. It poised Disney as the owner of five of the top six debuts alongside Universal/Comcast Corp.’s Jurassic World ($208.8m two years ago).

The movie also had the 23rd-biggest day ever when it scored $63.77 million on Friday, and the 24th-biggest day with $62.7m on Saturday, as well as the 47th-biggest day with $48.26m on Sunday.

It also scored the 19th-biggest Friday, the fourth-biggest Saturday and the fifth-biggest Sunday of all time, not accounting for inflation.