$416.50 (£343) was all the money Pierce Brosnan’s latest movie has taken over its opening weekend at the U.K. box office.

Disappointing to say the least

The former James Bond actor stars as a self-made aviation tycoon whose life is turned upside down when he falls out with his I.T. advisor. The movie opened in 11 cinemas, meaning that it took an average $38 (£31) per site.

The movie scored just 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it will likely find a bigger audience when it hits home entertainment and streaming services in the UK in May.

The movie was released in the U.S. last September, it fared better than in the U.K. but still grossed an underwhelming $114.5 thousand at the box office. I.T.’s poor performance could also be attributed to the fact that it’s already available to rent and buy in the U.S., making the audience who would normally go watch it at the cinema watch it by other means.

The film is directed by John Moore who had previously made Behind Enemy Lines and A Good Day To Die Hard.

Brosnan has had several disappointing opening weekend for the actor in recent years; in 2014, A Long Way Down opened with $1.43 thousand from 5 theaters, and grossed a total of $13.4 thousand, while The Love Punch debuted in 121 theaters took $26.4 thousand, and grossed $266.6 thousand in total.

However, Brosnan has had several hits, such as The November Man’s $7.91 million debut and No Escape’s $8.11 million opening.

Star power no more?

Other established actors have lucked out at the British box office in recent years. Emma Watson’s The Colony took just $61 (£47) over its opening weekend in the U.K. and grossed $15.7 thousand during its entire U.S. run. However, this year her latest movie, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, is expected to open with a record-breaking $120 million domestically, $200 million worldwide.

Keanu Reeves’ Exposed made only $114 (£88) last year. While Jean Reno’s The Sweeney: Paris took $78 (£60). Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins’ Misconduct took $126 (£97). All of those are just a few examples of painfully low openings.

It’s worrying that the star power of some of Hollywood’s most well-known names and faces only attracted a handful of people to the cinema. However, if audiences can’t access the screenings, the chance of them making anything close to a decent take in theaters is almost impossible.