Following his release from prison, O.J. Simpson might be heading to participate in Celebrity Big Brother.

Fall from grace:

O.J. Simpson, a former NFL star, has fallen from grace after getting arrested for kidnapping and armed robbery in 2008. He is currently serving time but is due to be released from jail in October 2017.

Channel 5 reality show’s bosses are interested in signing him up for a series in the future after he’s released from jail, they see it as “box office television,” according to the Daily Star Online.

OJ, aka “The Juice,” went on an extremely high-profile murder trial for killing his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1995. He was cleared of all charges.

Subject of multiple dramas:

The famous trial was the subject of a nail biting TV drama retelling. It starred John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr, and David Schwimmer.

O.J. was also the subject of a documentary, titled “OJ: Made In America.” It was a made for TV documentary which aired last year. It won an Oscar during the Academy Awards ceremony this February.

After nine-month of the highly publicized trial in 1995, O.J. was found not guilty of murder. Later, during a civil trial, he was found responsible of the death of Goldman

When asked about these rumors, a Channel 5 spokesman told the Daily Star that they don’t comment on speculations about future housemates.