A shooting inside a bar in Kansas Friday left an Indian engineer dead, and another one injured. The shootings of the men of Indian descent raised fears that the attack had prejudicial and race-related motives, escalating the crime into an international incident.


US authorities, including FBI agents, have begun investigating the abrupt shooting as if it is already an acknowledged hate crime.

India’s government also responded to the incident and expressed their shock over the events that occurred in the suburban neighborhood of Kansas City.

The attack had happened at about 7:15pm on Wednesday in the Austins Bar and Grill located in Olathe, Kansas.

One witness stated that the shooter, who has been identified by officials as Adam W. Purinton, aged 51, shouted “get out of my country” prior to him opening fire on the bar, reported The Kansas City Star.

One bartender from a restaurant in Clinton, Missouri where Purinton later was captured stated that he overheard the man say he killed two men of Middle Eastern descent.

An American man, 24 years old, who attempted to intervene when he heard the shooter speaking in racist slurs, was also shot and later hospitalized.

The US government has not commented on the incident, citing the ongoing investigation and ethical reasons.

Charges of Murder

Purinton was charged Thursday with premeditated murder of the first-degree, and two more counts of attempting premeditated murder.

The federal branch of the government can bring up civil charges against Purinton. “Our role in this investigation is to work jointly with local law enforcement to determine if an individual’s civil rights were violated,” said special agent Eric K. Jackson, who is currently responsible for the F.B.I.’s field office located in Kansas City.

“It’s not uncommon for hate crime investigations to be conducted jointly by the F.B.I. and local law enforcement and prosecuted under the state law.”

President Trump did not comment publicly about the shooting attack.