The Jewish community within a city in Texas have offered Muslims presiding there their keys in order for them to pray at their synagogue after Victoria Islamic Centre burnt down last Saturday.

The investigation into the matter is currently ongoing, as it was discovered as well that prior to the incident the mosque had also been robbed.

Meanwhile Jewish people in the city offered their synagogue to Muslims until the reconstruction of their mosque has been completed.

The President of the Temple Bnai Israel, Robert Loeb, stated that in their town everybody tends to know everyone else, so if a disaster such as this one were to occur, the only option they have is to unite.

The Same God

Mr. Loeb added that their community only consists of maximum 30 Jews, and the Muslims go up to around 100.

“We got a lot of building for a small amount of Jews,” Mr. Loeb said. Shahid Hashmi, a founder of the Victoria Islamic Centre said that members of the Jewish community had come forth as he was at his house and offered him a key to their place of worship.

A Growing Hope

The mosque had been constructed back in 2000, and since it was burnt down a fundraising campaign was launched in order to contribute for the reconstruction of the mosque.

The set goal was said to be $850,000 and as of now it was said that over $900,000 were donated to the cause.

A clerk from a nearby convenience store first sighted smoke coming out of the mosque around 2 am and then contacted the fire department immediately.

Reports have stated however that there were no deaths or injured people from the incident and fire fighters had taken about four hours in order to tackle down the huge blaze.