Many Canadian residents are reportedly opening their homes to those stranded by the recent US travel ban.

After hearing of the controversial travel bans recently enforced by the US President, Donald Trump, many Canadian residents are reportedly opening their homes to those left stranded.

The Canadian Residents

After hearing the news, many Canadians have taken to social media to express their thoughts about the ban and the people left stranded at airports.

Kanji, a Canadian resident in Toronto’s Scarborough area, who himself was a child of Ugandan refugees, told CBC news: “These are things that I remember learning about in history class in high school, where people, because of where they’re from or how they pray, were persecuted.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be alive in a time where we started making these same mistakes again.”

Kanji then offered his sofa bed to those who may need it. “The least I could do was tweet out that if anyone needs something, I’m here.”

Many other Canadians have been taking to social media in order to offer help to anyone who could be stranded.

Facebook Movements and Twitter Hashtags

Some Canadians have also taken an extra initiative to reach out to people affected by the ban.

Another Canadian resident and University of Toronto student, Hiatt Differ, launched a Facebook group with a few of his friends, in order to coordinate housing and accommodation for those left stranded.

The group was aimed at people who were redirected to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Just 24 hours after launch, the group already had 300 members.

“Our deepest hope is that no one needs it, that no one is stranded,” organizer Differ told CBC News. If people are stranded, Differ said he hopes the offers will mean that “no one will have to go through the added burden of having no place to stay.”

Many Canadians have also began tweeting, with the hashtag #openhome to those who were redirected to Pearson International Airport.