On Tuesday morning, Hampton local Margot Lee Shetterly, who is credit as executive producer for the “Hidden Figures”, was distant from everyone else in a lodging room in Michigan, however her telephone was illuminating from a surge of celebratory messages. The movie received three nominations for the Oscars. She stated, “I set my alarm so I wouldn’t miss the nominations. It’s just so exciting and thrilling.” Hampton is additionally the author for the book that the motion picture is based on and bears the same name.

The motion picture focuses on Katherine Johnson, which is played by Taraji P. Henson, Dorothy Vaughan (played by Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (played by Janelle Monae). Spencer grabbed one of the film’s designations, for Best Supporting Actress. She already won in that class for “The Help.” Shetterly was especially amped up for Spencer’s nomination. Shetterly said, “Dorothy Vaughan is somebody who had been completely forgotten. Her achievements weren’t well known. Dorothy Vaughan is going to go down in the history book with the rest of these women.”

The Hampton Convention and Visitor Bureau is examining how it can highlight the women’s’ triumphs, as well. Ryan Downey, executive of media and group relations, specified the likelihood of a “Concealed Figures” visit around the Peninsula. “It’s really bringing Hampton’s diversity, positive places of the city and space program to life. It’s great publicity for the city”, said Downey.

The film’s last designation for was Adapted Screenplay, which went to Allison Schroeder and Chief Theodore Melfi. Of the 10 screenplay selections given to movies this year, Schroeder is the main female candidate. Performer and Virginia Beach local Pharrell Williams additionally got a designation in the Best Picture race. He filled in as a maker for “Hidden Figures.”