On Friday, Saturday Night Live’s writer, Katie Rich tweeted that the “country’s first homeschool shooter” would be the youngest son of President Donald Trump, Barron Trump. Rich was instantly confronted with a huge number of comments condemning her for focusing on the 10-year-old. She has since closed her social media pages and website.

While a rep for SNL said NBC won’t remark, Rich’s was not shown as being a writer for the show this past Saturday. One day after Rich’s tweet, it was aired. She has been an SNL writer since 2013. The NBC Universal page has been overwhelmed with remarks from fans encouraging the system to flame Rich. A remark from one individual stated, “Fire Katie Rich! She had no business attacking a 10 year old child.”

Another remark said that SNL needs to re-assess their central goal and increase current standards for what constitutes diversion and turn into a positive impact in our way of life. They went ahead to state, “Katie Rich, along with NBC and SNL, who advocate her behavior are once again willing to stoop to the depths of hell for the sake of ratings, I suppose. The whole lot who think it’s funny to berate and dehumanize anyone, especially a child, is despicable and classless.” A request of was recorded on Change.org needing NBC to flame Rich. On Monday morning, there were over 50,000 signatures.