New York rapper, Nas is releasing his own clothing line that is roused by Black History. Including clothing with the announcements “I’m Black and I’m Proud” and “Black Don’t Crack”. The proceeds will likewise profit the National Black Child Development Institute. The association has a focal concentrate on proficiency, early youth training and wellbeing mindfulness activities.

The Queensbridge craftsman discharged an announcement saying, he trusts this accumulation will impart a feeling of pride and good faith inside those shoppers. Nas went ahead to state, “We’re in a time now where we can easily get caught up focusing on the negative things going on in America, and feel like we have almost been set back in our journey. This collection is about turning things around and instilling positivity. Celebrating being Black in a loud and fun way. Taking a much-needed moment to be proud of the achievements we have made, our colorful culture, black royalty and excellence from the past, present, and future.”

While talking on the importance of Black History Month, Nas said he used to recoil at the prospect of February’s Black History month committed to highlighting accomplishments inside the dark group. “It felt like a slap in face with all the hell we catch daily. Like a small reward for a dog’s good behavior, then back to the kennel. But I’ll take it. I’ll take what I can get and that’s all I need to go to new heights”, said Nas.