The zoo released an announcement on Wednesday that Josephine died after her personal wellbeing turned out to be progressively worsen. Josephine is grandma of Harambe, the web popular gorilla. Josephine was altruistically euthanized following quite a while of fizzling wellbeing

The announcement stated, “This morning, when Josephine could hardly move, even to reach for her favorite treat, the staff knew the right thing to do. They made the very difficult decision to humanely euthanize her.” The 49-year old gorilla was conceived in the wild and touched base at the Zoo Miami in March 1983.

She brought forth a male gorilla named Moja in 1984. He was later moved to Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas, where he fathered a few gorillas including Harambe. Harambe increased overall consideration a year ago when Cincinnati Zoo authorities shot and murdered him after a tyke fell into a fenced in area at the zoo. Not long after his passing, the gorilla turned into an Internet sensation as individuals shared images regretting his end. Harambe was additionally named the 2016 Internet person of the year by USA TODAY’s FTW blog.

Numerous people via social media called attention to that euthanizing Josephine was only one more foul play against Harambe. Others noticed that Harambe’s grandma will now go along with him in heaven.