Neal Brennan’s new Netflix show, called 3 Mics starts with a quiet clarification. The stage will have three mouthpieces on it. One-liners will be on the far left mic. The one in the center is for emotional discussions.  And the one furthest to the right is for straight stand-up comedy. He begins with a one-liner, saying “I’m vegan, but I’m a hypocrite about it. Like I wear leather and I eat meat.”

Through the span of the following hour, Brennan, best known as the co-maker with Dave Chappelle of the uncontrollably persuasive and shockingly fleeting Chappelle’s Show, utilizes the three mics to convey three altogether different styles of comic drama, including material about his dad’s demise that by one means or another figures out how to be equivalent amounts of terrible and entertaining.

It’s a thought that he initially experimented with a couple of years prior in front of an audience at The Meltdown, an alt-comic drama space in the back of a Los Angeles comic-book shop, and later transformed into what must be depicted as a small time demonstrate that kept running Off-Broadway since the beginning of last year. In any case, Brennan likes to portray the Netflix rendition of 3 Mics, which starts spilling today, as a comic drama exceptional, in light of the fact that, as he puts it, the saying ‘one-man show’ is humiliating.