Wednesday, the Comedy Cellar in New York City got a major astonishment. Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari and Dave Chappelle made that big appearance. New York humorist Jon Laster, who was a piece of the line-up, shared a few insights about what went on backstage in a long Instagram post. As per Laster, Seinfeld contemplated not going on, but rather in the end chose to play out a short set. Seinfeld and Rock did a reversal and forward about who might go ahead next, and at a certain point, Schumer additionally approached on the off chance that she could continue for five minutes. In the interim, Ansari was likewise holding up to make that big appearance.

Laster wrote on his Instagram: “Tonight I was humbled and blessed to have been a part of the greatest show EVER in the history of the Comedy Cellar and maybe comedy period! Felt kinda surreal working with my idols. The Birds, Jordans, LeBrons all in this little hallway but I honestly didn’t feel intimidated I felt like I belonged at least like my work did.”

In an Instagram post, participant Steve Selenski clarified that Chappelle began asking Rock, who was in the gathering of people, inquiries from the stage, and in the long run Rock joined Chappelle and Schumer in front of an audience for some “riffing.” Also on Instagram, Rock shared a photograph of the gathering in front of an audience with the inscription, “Next time you should to come.”

2017 will be an energizing year for the amusing group. Both Chappelle and Schumer have stand-up specials making a beeline for Netflix, Ansari is set to host Saturday Night Live on Jan. 21, and Rock is leaving on his first stand-up visit in nine years beginning in February.