Brittany Nicole Poteet has beforehand twice confronted inconsequential allegations of ambush in the US, and showed up in the Downing Center neighborhood court in Sydney. She is accused of strike occasioning genuine substantial mischief. The tall, impressive blonde showed up before NSW Deputy Chief Magistrate Christopher O’Brien on Wednesday. The Police claim that on the night of December 16 at Neutral Bay, the 29-year-old struck Wade McKenzie causing substantial bodily harm.

McKenzie has filed an apprehended violence order on Poteet, who has to enter a plea by her next court appearance. Poteet made news in the US when she was compelled to deny claims she verbally assaulted her roommate and made negative slurs, and when she was accused of threatening behavior against a previous boyfriend. They dropped the charges and the model, who goes by Nikki Poteet, denied making the remarks.

Be that as it may, Poteet was compelled to hand back her Miss United States crown after she posted a photo of herself wearing it on Facebook with the subtitle “Miss Alcoholic USA”. As per her profile on Business in Heels, Poteet is a Southern debutante and also a twofold degree graduate in biomedical and atomic science. The winner of multiple pageants that moved to Australia in 2014, acts as a HR expert with Sydney firm Cadden Crowe and works with Australian Solar Council as an events coordinator.

In 2011, Poteet was delegated Miss Virginia USA, and went ahead to contend at the national Miss USA exhibition. Poteet says on her LinkedIn profile that she likewise filled in as a volunteer guide to Miss Teen Philippines America exhibition contestants. In her supreme year as Miss Virginia USA, she volunteered to peruse read books to transient youngsters and elevated science and math to understudies.