Joined by a lawyer, Zachary Cole Fernandez surrendered to Los Angeles Police Department analysts in Hollywood, as indicated by Capt. Cory Palka. He was set up for the wrongdoing offense. Fernandez is booked to show up on Feb. 15 in Los Angeles Superior Court in downtown L.A., as per the Hollywood Division chief.

The Hollywood sign was not harmed in Fernandez’s trick, but rather the letters were quickly changed, police said. Police said observation film demonstrated a man wearing dark, strategic style outfit scaling the sign’s stepping stools and hanging canvases over the O’s to change them to E’s at 3 a.m. on Jan. 1. One of the coverings was enhanced with a peace sign, and another with a heart.

The Hollywood Sign has seen numerous adjustment endeavors throughout the years for individuals looking for reputation or business pick up, Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu said in an announcement. “Tricks of this nature drain the assets of our significant open security work force, in both reacting to the trick and in reacting to the expanded group and copycat endeavors that these episodes create.”

A week ago, a LAPD representative had said specialists were “conversing with a man” regarding New Year’s Day trick. Officer Liliana Preciado said criminologists would not capture the prankster on doubt of trespassing, but rather would rather introduce their discoveries to prosecutors. Days after the sign modification, Fernandez, who calls himself “Jesus Hands,” said that he and his innovative accomplice were in charge of the trick.

Greenery and Fernandez said they mindful they could confront outcomes for uncovering their character. However, Fern stated, “We’re OK with that.” Fern said that they “mapped it out together and twofold checked estimations and everything.”

Fernandez advised Vice he utilized a rope to swing around the letters and utilized braces to clasp sheets of texture and photos to them. The whole demonstration took around two hours. The trick, they stated, was a praise to Daniel Finegood, a Cal State Northridge understudy who pulled off a similar follow up on New Year’s Day in 1976. Finegood scaled Mt. Lee with $50 worth of draperies and changed the sign to correspond with the main day that California grouped ownership of up to one ounce of cannabis as a crime, as opposed to a lawful offense.