Former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton strolled into Bernard B. Jacobs to see the last showing of “The Color Purple,” and New York City theatergoers gave Clinton a few overwhelming applauses, as per news columnists that were in participation. Clinton, who has stayed under the radar since losing the decision in November, went to the show with her husband and former President Bill Clinton. Their daughter, Chelsea was also in attendance.

Recordings shared via social media displayed the Clintons encompassed by groups of onlookers endeavoring to get selfies with the previous Democratic presidential applicant. Clinton’s supporters additionally purportedly hollered out: “God bless you! We love you!” Clinton was likewise encompassed during the show’s intermission, and got another round of commendation when her attendance was gladly referenced amid the farewell speech from the staff, after the show.

The whole experience was generously more inviting than when Vice President-elect Mike Pence went to see “Hamilton” not long after the presidential race. Pence was booed by kindred theatergoers as he attempted to go to his seat, and the cast freely went up against him and his divisive strategies after the show.

Between Clinton’s participation and the performance of the cast, fans portrayed “The Color Purple’s” last show as jolting. For the individuals who couldn’t go, Cynthia Erivo’s last performance of her show-halting number, “I’m Here” was shared by the production crew.