Maryum Ali says it’s “untrue” that her and her eight kin and the late Ali’s wife, Lonnie, are warring over his $80 million assets. “My dad raised me and my kin to love each other and that is precisely our identity, extremely cherishing individuals,” Ali’s most established little girl, from his marriage to ex Khalilah Ali, told “We are not in any fights with each other or with our stepmother, Lonnie.”

Maryum included, “It’s unfortunate that there is someone out there submitting stories with so many untrue statements. We try to ignore these articles, but they seem to be never ending, which is sad because I know I have some wonderful siblings that simply want to live peaceful lives.”

Maryum’s response was made because of sources telling the Mirror that a large number of Ali’s youngsters abhorred each other and were left “fuming” when they discovered that Lonnie is set to get $12 million, supposedly twofold the $6 million legacy that each of the worldwide games symbol’s kids will get.

“They didn’t like her before their dad passed away, accusing her of preventing them from seeing him,” an insider told the Mirror. “When he died, some sucked up to Lonnie just to get as much as they can, but the truth is that they all did it, then accused the other siblings of doing it.”

That same insider affirmed that the youngsters’ hamburger augments well past the legacy into how Ali’s memorial service was taken care of the previous summer. “There is a lot of bitterness between the family’s strict Muslims and non-believers for the way the funeral was conducted.”