The star of “Chappelle’s Show” imparted a phase to John Mayer in Los Angeles this week, dueting with the artist on the Nirvana exemplary “Come as You Seem to be.” The execution was caught on video and posted on Instagram by a participant, who raved, “Let’s talk about how I go to see #JohnMayer for $10 at the amazing Hotel Cafe and DAVE CHAPPELLE SHOWS UP and then they do A NIRVANA TRACK TOGETHER what a magical night.”

As may be normal, Mayer conveys a large portion of the weight on the cover, with Chappelle every so often ringing in on the mouthpiece, when not taking tastes from his jug. Mayer performed at the 200-limit Hotel Cafe, which he’s played at some time recently, on Tuesday. As per Live for Live Music, he and Chappelle played various spreads. Mayer, then plunged into his index to perform “Who Says,” “Big Shirt” and others, as well as a new song “Move On, Getting Over.”

Eleven years after he left a standout amongst the best shows in Comedy Central history, Dave Chappelle hosted, “Saturday Night Live” with the rest of the individuals from A Tribe Called Quest as melodic visitors. It’s a shocking move for the fiercely well known yet cryptic comic, whose profession has been set apart with long nonappearances, sudden appearances and questionable stand-up exhibitions.