Sunday’s scene was a stunner for every one of the enthusiasts of Real Housewives of Atlanta. It began with Kandi Burruss blaming Phaedra Parks for dating another man, while still wedded to ex Apollo Nida. The allegation happened amid an up close and personal supper between the two ladies, however Burruss didn’t squander at whatever time retelling the story to Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Shereé Whitfield and her mom, Mama Joyce.

Burruss went on to say, “I said everything that I had not said before. I said, ‘You know good well that you wasn’t sad about your husband leaving. Cause you was with me talking about how you were dating somebody else before he even went to jail. You was talking about marrying somebody at the top of the year as soon as he was gone. So clearly you wasn’t that upset.’ ”

Companions with both Burruss and Parks, Porsha Williams felt disappointed that Burruss would spread chatter about Parks, particularly on the grounds that, when originating from Burruss’ mouth, even a lie would be deciphered as truth.

Williams said, “If your best friend speak on something, it almost like that make it true. Any hoe can say anything all day long. But if my best friend were to speak those things on me and on my life, it’s like a confirmation. So I just think she should just be quiet. I think it is just very very dirty for someone to try to tear their ex-best-friend down. It’s a messy and ugly situation.”

She might not have possessed the capacity to get with Burruss’ tattling, however Williams didn’t keep away from tattling herself. While examining Burruss’ enormous mouth with Whitfield, Williams and Parks did a little talk spreading of their own, telling Whitfield that their shared companion Shamea had been included in trios with Burruss and her better half Todd Tucker.