Eva Amurri Martino opened up about the traumatic difficulty in an enthusiastic passage she posted on her site, www.happilyevaafter.com, on New Year’s Day. Martino portrayed how her son split his head on the wooden floor a couple days subsequent to Thanksgiving, when an attendant tending to him nodded off with him on her lap.

The mother of-two additionally courageously lifted the cover on her sincerely delicate state, uncovering she fears she’s anguish from some type of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder connected to post birth anxiety.

“A couple of days after Thanksgiving, our Night Nurse fell asleep while holding Major and dropped him, and he cracked his head on the hardwood floor. Kyle and I were sleeping at the time and were awoken by the sound of his head hitting the floor, and then hysterical piercing screams. He suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain, and was transported by ambulance to Yale Medical Center where I spent two harrowing days with him to receive emergency care and further testing. To say these were the most traumatic and anxious two days of my life is an understatement.”

Gratefully Major – now more than two months old – is totally fine and constantly improving, however she’s filled with blame.

Martino said in an announcement, “The guilt I bore in the days and weeks after this accident was more intense and more damaging than anything I would wish upon my worst enemy. It’s nearly impossible for me to trust anyone but myself to take care of Major now. Even though I finally made peace with the fact that this freak accident could not have been avoided by me, it has continued to affect me to my core and in all aspects of my daily life.”