Mariah Carey’s execution in Times Square was out of order from the beginning. She commenced the night with her interpretation of “Auld Lang Syne,” yet viewers immediately saw that her support vocal track didn’t correspond with what she seemed, by all accounts, to be singing. She then transitioned into her 1991 single “Feelings,” however advised the group of onlookers she was not able hear the music because of a broken earpiece. Carey’s rep likewise affirms the earpiece wasn’t working.

A source says the five-time Grammy champ and she group “just had a fast gone through” in front of the broadcast execution and that the wrong “Feelings” backing track played, including to Carey’s disarray arrange. “She was so thrown off she couldn’t proceed with it,” the insider clarifies. “Without the correct tracks, it fouled her up and threw her off from faking it.”

As Carey clumsily walked around the phase amid her last tune, “We Belong Together,” she seemed to concede vanquish, bringing down her receiver far from her face as the prerecorded number kept on playing. “This is the collection adaptation,” she conceded before leaving the stage. “It simply don’t improve.”

Numerous online networking clients reprimanded the execution as “terrible” and a “prepare wreck,” provoking the artist to clarify the disaster in her very own post. “S- – t happens,” she tweeted on Sunday, January 1. “Have an upbeat and solid new year everyone! Here’s to standing out as truly newsworthy in 2017.”