Rihanna and Drake’s on and off relationship have the makeup that can rival that of the Kardashian-West ongoing saga.

Aubrey Graham aka Drake and Rihanna Fenty had been an item for many years, the couple has a storied romantic relationship – One moment they are together then as soon as mere Martians like – the general public aka fans got really comfortable with the famous couple – Snap they broke our feeble hearts once more!

Just a few months ago the then two lovebirds were steaming up our television screen with Caribbean princess, Rihanna’s reggae hit single…WORK or as they say in their native Patois in Jamaica…..Werk.

The word unfollow took on a very new meaning today – Yes! Ladies and gentlemen let’s take a look in the faithful old Encyclopedia to see if the word now means – JEALOUSY. Rihanna’s recently ex-boyfriend Drake is now in the company of Jenny from the block. He is now hanging out with the bootylicious; Ms. Jennifer Lopez.

Rapper and ex-actor Drake have been swooning over J.Lo his new conquest. Recently he had been on social media showering praises on the popular pop diva. The two have been reported to be hanging out a lot these days; he had even rented an entire restaurant and threw a private party for the singer and her close friends.

Sources close to the lovebirds have reported the singer was offered a million dollars to perform at a New Year’s Eve event but turned down the offer so that she could spend ample time with the rapper.

The proverbial horns of Rihanna, his main squeeze as little as a few months ago, is popping out of her forehead, while Lopez is digging the attention she is getting from the popular womanizer who is already known to be a player.

Drake is not one to shy away from controversies we all are still familiar of his public brawl with Chris Brown another of Rhi Rhi’s ex-lover.

Rihanna for what it’s worth, don’t let your anger and frustration openly known to the world – un-following J. Lo is so not cool – You already know the steamy relationship will be over before we can count 1-2-3. Drake is a known womanizer, Rihanna honey, please get over it already!