Star Wars on-screen character Carrie Fisher, the girl who grew up in Hollywood’s eminence, who took off to notoriety as an insightful intergalactic princess, passed away on Tuesday, four days after a cardiac arrest sent her to UCLA hospital.

Fisher, 60, never recaptured cognizance, although her mother Debbie Reynolds had shared on social media that the actress was in stable condition. Carrie was on a flight from London when she complained of severe pain in her chest. The actress then went into cardiac arrest while on board the plane around 12:00 PM on Friday. Crew members on the airline on which she was traveling notified medical emergency personnel who was already waiting at the terminal when the plane landed at (LAX) Los Angeles International Airport.

Billie Lourd, her only child released the bad news to the media house, stating that it was with profound sadness that she affirms that her mother Carrie Fisher had died. The tragic news was later confirmed by Simon Halls, the family spokesperson.

Debbie Reynolds, 84, who is also an actress referred to her daughter as cherished and astonishing. Reynolds took to her Facebook page and thank everyone for their kind consideration during the tough ordeal that the family was facing with Fisher hospitalization.

Carrie Fisher, won the part to play Princess Leia Organa at the tender age of 19, prevailing over Jodie Foster and Amy Irving who were also considered to play the part in the Star Wars science fiction show.

“Bookworm” as she was affectionately called by those who were close to the actress, later used her literature and poetry skills to compose a series of widely popular books. Carrie Fisher was also a screenwriter, she had also stated that Princess Leia should be engraved on her headstone.