Should we break out the Champaign glasses to celebrate our newly elected President’s first term in office or curled up on our warm sofas with an oversized bowl of popcorn to watch the televised fiasco at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President-elect Donald J. Trump and the news pundits are at it again, let’s make it clear, Trump and the media hasn’t been friends since he started out on the campaign trail to win the coveted throne of leading one of the largest economy in the world.

The Twitter-friendly Trump who has taken the social media by storm more so after winning the US 2016 election took to the platform to make know his grudge against the media.

Declaring that he donated several million and was in the process of raising a lot more for the DJT Foundation, Donald Trump on Monday night insisted that although he had done a lot for charity the media refused to report all his humanitarian undertakings.

Just last Saturday the newly elected President stated that he would dismantle the Donald J. Trump charitable organization because of the conflict it will pose to his presidency. Trump had also stated in November that he would appoint his family to oversee all his business affairs so that his sole focus would be making America great again.

In his much-publicized tweet he declared that the Donald Trump’s Foundation (DJT) was different from many other foundations because the money his charity collected do not pay fees, or rent for the occupied space for his charity foundation. He also stated that every dollar that’s given to DJT was given to wonderful charitable causes throughout the United States of America.

Trump’s disgust for this current onslaught on media houses materialized when a Washington Post reporter reported that Donald Trump and his family was using charitable donations for personal use; this had prompted an on-going investigation by the New York’s attorney general.