beaver-christmas‘Tis the season to do holiday shopping, and at least one bold wild beaver has begun his a little early. The rogue beaver was caught at a Dollar General store in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. While the beaver perused the aisles and knocked over a few things, there wasn’t any major damage. Interestingly enough, he onlys showed interest in the Christmas items displayed on several aisles around the store.

“The deputy got there, and with store employees’ help, blocked it into the aisle way until the wildlife warden got there,” said Tony Malaspina, the county’s animal control supervisor. “It wasn’t aggressive. It was kind of friendly. It walked up to the warden, who simply reached out to put the catch pole on it, and easily removed it from the store.”

According to ‘Beaver Solutions’ website (yes, really), beavers are the largest of the rodent family weighing in at 40-60 pounds. They are highly socialized animals, and are typically peaceful and friendly as long as they do not feel threatened. Beaver also have a keen sense of smell, and most likely got a strong whiff of something in the store that reminded them of their home in the woods. Maybe a pine-scented candle? Candy? Or did he focus on the perfect tree? We will never really know.

Wildlife in shopping areas is pretty common, especially during busy holiday season as more doors are opened, and animals can camoflauge themselves between all of the shoppers. Deer are the most common species found in stores and restaurants, followed by racoons. As certain populations dwindle, bear cubs are sometimes found roaming around in unexpected places, according to the Wildlife Conservation Project.

And, maybe, just maybe, this beaver just wanted a bargain at the holidays.

“All joking aside, the beaver was safely rescued by animal control and released to wildlife rehabilitation,” authorities tweeted.