Sony Music is in the business of keeping their fans entertained with their slew of much-loved gaming and entertainment gadgets. But today, the company went into a tailspin, employing much effort to control a devastating debacle. The short panic happened Monday morning when a tweet was sent from the company’s Twitter account stating that singer Britney Spears had died.

It was a little after 8:00AM in the morning when several Twitter user received the sad news of Britney Spears passing. The tweets were sent from the official Twitter account of Sony. The sad tweets were accompanied with an emoji depicting a sad face as well as the hashtag “#RIPBritney. 1981-2016.”

Shortly thereafter, there were other follow-up tweets describing how the renown singer had met her demise. Twitterverse was set ablaze the minute the first tweet went out. Spears Twitter fans went into a frenzy retweeting the bad or should we say fake news.

The imposter or imposters revealed that Britney Spears had died in an accident, and accompany the post with the same cryptic hashtags and sad face emoji.

This fake news was up for awhile before Sony got word of the situation. About Half an hour later, after quite a few tweets had been made from their account, the company was able to take full control of the situation and deleted all the distressful tweets by 9.00AM, today.

The OurMine hacker group admitted that they were behind the Twitter hack; it has been targeting a lot of high profile accounts throughout the year. Many of their hacks include Twitter accounts and some Netflix accounts. Earlier in September, the group got access to ‘Variety’s website and email account, which resulted in a bunch of emails sent to the company’s subscribers reading “Hacked by OurMine”.”

The group is said to be doing these high profile hacks in order to gain publicity within the market, which in turn will gain value for the security features and services they provide. Sony Entertainment had refused to give an official respond about the incident when asked by reporters.

Singing sensation Bob Dylan also followed suit and retweeted the devastating news that read “Rest in peace @britneyspears” along with the same emoji. However, a little later, all the tweets were subsequently deleted from the singer’s account.