Ridley Scott has been in the game for a very long time; the movie industry, that is. The Hollywood director is famous for many big screen thrillers that have kept moviegoers tethering on the edge of their seats. His 2012 Prometheus film said to be a prequel to his famous Alien foundation complete more prominent number of requests than answers.

In a couple ways, the outcast species’ origin story had mysteriously left most of its core makeup on the table. However, the predetermination of the one remaining human character toward the end of the film was furthermore somewhat incomplete. The Alien Covenant seems to appear in every way to traverse the opening among Prometheus and Alien. This plot finally serves the much-anticipated foundation prequel.

A recent meeting with ScreenRant at the twentieth Century Fox showcase event (which screened a couple of scenes from the movie), a newcomer to the foundation and star of the new film Katherine Waterston opened up about the film’s affiliation. In the spine-tingling thriller; Fassbender returns as David from Prometheus and also another synthetic being by the name of Walter.

With Ridley Scott’s mind blowing setup for the film and keeping the movie under wraps six months before its release date; it’s quite possible the fourth film will be filled with excitement. Will the accompanying piece confounds revealing events or will it finally ties the prequel course of action to the principal character.

Newcomer Waterston basically said she had no comment when comicbook.com caught up with the actress at a recent screening of the movie. Most importantly, die-hard fans want to know if the film opening depicts the principal Alien or if other sequels of the movie will do so.

Little is known as to whether Noomi Rapace will appear in Covenant as her Elizabeth Shaw character, all this remains to be seen. Assention incorporates a totally new cast aside from Michael Fassbender, and Katherine Waterston playing the focal character of Daniels.