Thursday evening, a 5-month-old little girl was accounted for missing by her mom, three days after the mother’s van was stolen with the child still inside. The missing individual report was later moved up to an Amber Alert before the young lady was discovered safe.

Police said the mother was riding in her van with her little girl, three men and a female driver to a Church’s Chicken eatery on Natural Bridge Street at around 8 p.m. Monday. When they got to the eatery, the mother and one of the men escaped the auto while the kid and the other three individuals remained in the auto.

The other three drove off in the van, taking the infant also. Police said the infant’s mom knew the general population she was in the van with for only a couple of hours preceding her infant’s vanishing.

Normandy Police said the infant was dropped off at a home in St. Louis County prior in the week, yet police did not know she was protected until after the Amber Alert was issued.

The kid was taken to a doctor’s facility and has since been set in defensive authority. The mother is in authority and police said tyke danger charges could be recorded against her.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Normandy Police Department repeated that they were initially told on Thursday and started exploring instantly.