Have Alex Trebek as of late paid regard to Stowell, who contended on the show with stage 4 colon disease, however unfortunately kicked the bucket on Dec. 5 – a little more than a week prior to her first scene publicized. The 41-year-old science content designer from Austin, Texas, won a noteworthy six amusements, and gave her rewards to tumor look into endeavors.

“This previous six Jeopardy programs, you parents have been becoming more acquainted with the capable champion Cindy Stowell,” Trebek says in a video message. “Showing up on the show was a long lasting desire for that woman – what you didn’t know is that when we taped these projects with her a couple of weeks prior, she was experiencing stage 4 growth, and tragically, on December 5, Cindy Stowell passed away. So from every one of us here at Jeopardy, our true sympathies to her family and her companions.”

Jeopardy likewise shared a video of Stowell discussing her amazing voyage on the show. “I’m kicking the bucket of malignancy and I would truly like the cash that I win to be utilized to help other people, thus this appears like a decent open door,” Stowell says, battling back tears. “This has been a stunning background.” Only Trebek and a little number of the show’s makers knew about her condition when she contended. While connecting with Jeopardy makers about trying out for the show, Stowell shared her difficulty.

“Do you have any thought to what extent it normally takes between an in person meet, and the taping date?” she composed. “I ask on the grounds that I simply discovered that I have very little longer to live. The specialist’s best figure is around 6 months. On the off chance that there is the shot that I’d have the capacity to in any case tape scenes of Jeopardy in the event that I were chosen, I’d get a kick out of the chance to do that and give any rewards to … philanthropies required in growth look into. In the event that it is impossible that the turnaround time would be that speedy, then I’d get a kick out of the chance to surrender my experiment with spot to another person.”

Stowell then met all requirements to contend on the show when she tried out in Oklahoma City, and was reserved for a taping only three weeks after the fact on Aug. 31 – the soonest the show’s calendar would permit – the Jeopardy site shared.