As Rob, 29, kept on redesigning his Snapchat story, Chyna reported she was “done” with the dramatization. “This whole year I have done only Rob!” she composed. “It’s so SAD and PATHETIC how low he’d stoop to conceal HIS PERSONAL ISSUES! I have done only help and cherished him from the earliest starting point!” She asserted Rob “asked” her to have an infant. He “focused on” her out the “whole time” she was pregnant, blaming her for “deceiving” and “being an outright crazy person.”

“I was verbally mishandled each other day,” she said of Rob, whom she was wanting to marry in July. “I was still there with only high trusts in us! I needed to beseech him to trim his hair, to take his props of, and to get more into his organizations! I shouldn’t need to tell any developed ass man s- – t.”

The spilled instant messages were “OLD AF,” Chyna included. “He just did this since when he experienced my telephone he couldn’t observe anything to be frantic about! He’s on Snapchat acting hurt however he’s yet to come see Dream yet! He knows where we are! Truly its exclusive so much a man can take. Everybody has attempted to Rob. I’ve gone past to help thus has his family!” finally, she said, “I have no longer have room schedule-wise to bolster into Robert’s shenanigans.”

Ransack reacted again with his very own Instagram post. In his post, Rob said he imagined 2016 just like the greatest year of his life. Looking back, he asserted, “Chyna knew precisely what she was doing to get me. I can’t trust she did this to me. I am so confounded how a man who gives and cherishes everything about a lady is the one remaining alone. I’m sad for being so open by and by,” he told his Instagram fans. “This is slaughtering me.”

The sisters of Rob “were concerned” in the wake of seeing his Snapchat story, a source tells E! News, and they “hurried over” to be close by in his desperate hour. When they arrived, be that as it may, “He was fine.” Regardless, Rob’s sisters “are bolstered up” with the couple’s repeating open victories and Chyna’s conduct. Thus, the source says, Chyna is no longer welcome at their Christmas Eve party.