She is one of the all-time iconic comic book and television heroines. But, just weeks after being made an honorary ambassador by the United Nations, Wonder Woman has been stripped of her role because of her skimpy outfits.

While she was given the job of Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls two months ago, her appointment immediately provoked criticism from campaigners who said that a white, big breasted woman who donned little more than a swimsuit was not a diverse or empowering enough role model.

Now, public anger has sent Wonder Woman, depicted in comics as an indestructible Greek demigoddess, has been effectively sent back to her home of Paradise Island. However, the UN tried to downplay the U-turn, saying simply: “It’s ending because it’s ending. And it was always meant to end.”

A spokesman said that the idea was to reach out to fans of Wonder Woman and that objective had been accomplished. However, when the announcement was made with Lynda Carter, who played the iconic role in the Seventies show, there was much fanfare, and no suggestion that the appointment was a temporary one.


However, it was obvious that the announcement was not popular with everyone, right from the outside. Many UN staffers were seen to turn their back to the stage when the appointment was made. A petition was also started, which was signed by more than 44,000 people to urge the secretary-general Ban Ki-moon to remove Wonder Woman from an ambassadorial role.

The petition said although they recognised that original Wonder Woman creators saw her as a strong and independent warrior woman, the reality was that the character was portrayed as a big-breasted white woman with unrealistic proportions, who wore only a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit. Critics said there were plenty of real life heroines who could be the face of gender equality.