The final episode of the second season shows Valerie Cherish not only winning her much desired Emmy for “Seeing Red”, but also her husband back. The second season of the show, which has come nine years after the first season, takes advantage of the show’s long absence by putting the character of Valerie in a more unstable situation. While the finale of the first season of “The Comeback” left viewers with the feeling of the initiation of something big, the finale of Season 2, “Valerie Gets What She Really Wants”, serves as a perfect ending to the story of the main protagonist.

A short recap of Season 2’s finale episode

In the final episode, Valerie sees her dream coming true with her very own Emmy experience, only to find that she has to choose between the award and her friend at the end. The episode also answers the crucial question of whether Mark and Mickey are going to be part of the occasion. The final shot shows Valerie and Mark walking hand in hand, with notes of The Association’s “Cherish” playing in the background. A befitting way to say goodbye, the song serves as a reminder of season one’s finale episode.

Is “The Comeback” going to have a third season?

At present, the show’s network, HBO has not renewed the stars’ contract for a third season. If the ratings of the season 2 are anything to go by, the show will most likely not have a third season. HBO, on the other hand, has made known that it is interested in giving Lisa Kudrow more work if it feels it has another Valerie tale to tell. For now, “Valerie Gets What She Really Wants” seems to be an exceptional conclusion to the life of Valerie Cherish, with everything in place for a fitting finale.