As Star Wars Rogue One receives warm reviews, celebrities have been hitting the red carpet for the movie’s London premiere.

The movies stars, Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed and Forest Whitaker, along with other members of the cast were seen arriving for an event in Leicester Square to celebrate the latest instalment of the fantastically successful franchise. The movie’s British director Gareth Edwards was also there, along with producer Kathleen Kennedy. Ms Jones chose to wear a stunning pale grey chiffon dress, teamed with simple silver jewellery.

However, even she was upstaged by an army of Stormtroopers, who led the way into the premiere by marching up the red carpet while the Star Wars music played.

The much-anticipated movie is a standalone in the series. It follows Jones as Rebel Alliance recruit Jyn Erso. She is asked to become part of a vital mission to steal plans for the Death Star, the evil Empire’s weapon of destruction. The film is set between Episode III and Episode IV and is set to be the first of three standalone movies which are being planned.

Rave reviews

The movie has already received rave reviews from a number of critics. Variety warned that younger audiences could find it boring, but he said that it would appeal more to the original generation of Star Wars fans. Meanwhile Hollywood Reporter praised the movie for its action scenes, effects and comedy, along with stunning locations. The movie was filmed in exotic locations including Iceland, Jordan and the Maldives.

Rolling Stone said that Ms Jones made a great “female warrior,” adding that Rogue One was a Star Wars story which was worth telling. The film is expected to take huge amounts at the box office, given that it is being released during the school Christmas holidays when many parents are expected to take a trip to the cinema with their children.