Sabo, a conservative street artist, has plastered posters in several locations around Pantages Theater in Hollywood. In them, he uses the Star-wars theme to make a political parody of how Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, even when main stream media was reporting the opposite.

This is not the first time Sabo targets liberal Hollywood, as he has already attacked Lena Dunham, Nate Parker, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cher, among others. In the posters made by the artist, there is an heroic-looking image of trump and another one of Clinton, lurking in the background. Sabo typically operates by plastering his creations all over a designated area before the sun rises, which allows for his posters to be seen by a wide audience before authorities take them down. The artist, declared the following:”It does my heart well to know Hollywood went all out producing all kinds of girl-power movies in anticipation of the first woman president only to have their parade totally rained on by a white-skinned, blue-eyed, all-America loving, pussy-grabbing blowhard of a man’s man.I’ve never seen Hollywood’s panties in such a bunch, and it was well worth the price of a vote,” he said. “To think: Hillary had just about every facet of the media pulling for her. I’d never seen the mainstream media sell their souls for a candidate the way they did for Hillary, and she still lost.”

This has not been the only time in which Trump supporters take street art to express their beliefs, although the other expressions have been far more violent, praising white supremacist groups and targeting mosques. Trump himself has urged his supporters to stop. Disney, the company behind “Rouge One” and now owner of the Star Wars franchise, has not made any official comments about the incident.