It was about 1 in the morning when a driver for a car company reported an assault in the 6900 block of Camrose Drive, Hollywood Hills. He also requested a private person’s arrest. According to Officer Jenny Houser, a spokeswoman for LAPD; officers were not at the scene, but arrested Miller after investigating the report. The arrested man was no other than T.J Miller, actor in HBO’s hit series “Silicon Valley”.

According to Officer Houser, the actor –who is now 35 years old– was cited on the misdemeanor offense and was released shortly after. LAPD declines to release further details, and/or name the car service in question.

Miller was interviewed by Connan O’Brien last Thursday, as he is now promoting his new film “Office Christmas Party” –which was released on Friday in theaters–.

According to unofficial sources, the incident took place after the actor left a party and started an argument about Donald Trump with his driver, which ended on him slapping the driver on the head. There has been no official statements as to what was being discussed or why the situation was elevated to physical violence. The actor has been very vocal about his discomfort with the election results and his fears of a Trump led government.

After the election, a truly violent atmosphere has been resented around the country, and according to Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-leaning organization that monitors hate groups, almost a thousand hate incidents occurred during the 10 days that followed the election. This events included violent graffiti and mosque vandalizing, as well as threats to immigrants. Trump himself has tried to convince his followers to stop the violence, to no avail. Miller has made no official statements about the incident, and he has even declined to comment when the media has approached him.