More than 300 venues will air “ The Final Problem” the final episode of the Sherlock’s 4th season. Fans of the series are not unfamiliar with cinema airings, as back on January 1st, “The abominable bride” (a one-of special) was shown in move screens across the country. The airings had unparalleled success and fans were delighted to see their television heroes on the big screen for the first time, so the team behind the popular show took the necessary steps to repeat the experience.

As told by Sherlock’s producer, Sue Vertue “Fans clearly enjoyed the opportunity of watching The Abominable Bride in cinemas last time so Hartswood Films are thrilled to be working with BBC Worldwide again to do the same for this series four finaleIts A-list cast and dramatic twists and turns are certainly worthy of the big screen” Her comments were complemented by Mat Way, BBC’s Commercial Director of Live Entertainment, who recently declared: “The incredible filmic qualities of Sherlock make it perfect cinema viewing. We are delighted to be able to offer the UK and Irish fans the opportunity to enjoy the epic Sherlock finale on the big screen.” A three-part episode run, called “The six Thatchers” will mark the show’s return on New Year’s Day.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the show’s leading actor, has addressed the show as really fun to film, but expressed he might take a break from it during the near future. He also declared that this is because of the show’s natural flow and not because of his new role as Marvel’s franchise “Doctor Strange”, and firmly stated that his involvement in this project will not have any repercussions in the future of “Sherlock”. He even declared that companies behind both projects are keen to work together in order to find the best schedules and resolve any possible conflicts beforehand.