Melanie Hamrick, a 29-year old ballerina and Jagger’s girlfriend, gave birth to the musician’s 8th kid last week. The event has stirred up comments in social media all over the world, as the singer and songwriter, who is 73 years old himself, is already a great grandfather. But a new baby is not the only celebratory news in the Jagger household this week, as “Blue and Lonely” the band’s latest album (and the first one after more than ten years) has hit the top of the charts, and is now positioned as the second selling album of the year; beaten only by the late David Bowie’s Blackstar.

Jagger, who reportedly flew 3500 miles from London to New York in order to be by Hamrick’s side, has stated that he had to be there for her, and that they are both delighted by the birth of their baby boy. Sir Mick has made sure every financial and legal aspect has been covered, and it is reported that he will $150,000 dollars per year will be set for his education and upbringing. The couple has stated they won’t be getting married, but they are planning on coparenting the child, trying to find balance between their hectic agendas. Jagger’s spokespeople have told different sources that he is really happy and surprised about being a new dad, and that he plans to be around his child and help raise him until he is at least 18 years old.

After seven kids and several intense love affairs, it seems that sir Mick is not ready to settle and plans to continue with both his music career and his reputation of a ladies man. Cheers to him and his now growing and beautiful family for all the great news, and we honestly hope that “Blue and Lonely” continues to achieve massive success in the international markets.