In a discourse in Manila on Wednesday night, Duterte imitated Trump’s voice and complement while reviewing their phone discussion on Dec. 2. He said that Trump needed to settle “awful relations” with the Philippines coming from President Barack Obama’s feedback of his lethal war on medications.

“In the event that you listen to how Trump converses with me now, I have officially transformed into a holy person,” Duterte said in a discourse at the presidential castle. By differentiation, he said, Obama imagined “the Philippines – well obviously, including me – to be killers and everything.”

Duterte’s most recent remarks demonstrate that ties between the security partners may enhance under Trump. The Philippine pioneer in October reported a move in remote approach toward China while advising Obama to “go to damnation” for restricting his medications war, which has executed a great many asserted merchants and clients.

Mimicking the land big shot, Duterte said Trump let him know: “You’re doing extraordinary. I recognize what’s your stress over these Americans scrutinizing you. You are doing great, proceed.” Duterte said that Trump utilized revile words as a part of portraying an “issue in the outskirt of Mexico and America.”

“When you come to Washington DC or New York City, find me and we’ll have espresso,” Duterte said, imitating Trump. “Furthermore, perhaps you can give me a proposal, maybe a couple how to illuminate this goddamn, offspring of the devil.”

Trump, who went on Twitter to pitch his telephone call with Taiwan’s pioneer a week ago, has yet to remark on his discussion with Duterte. He has scrutinized Alec Baldwin’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live, saying on Twitter that it “can’t deteriorate. Dismal.”