The upcoming 2017 Grammy Awards ceremony will be a major event for the leading female singer Beyoncé, as it is presenting her with nine overall Grammy nominations, cementing her title as most-nominated woman in the history of Grammy award ceremonies.
Major nominations such as the album of the year award could potentially be given to the superstar’s new album, Lemonade, as she uses her music to address issues of female identity and racial conflict.


Her top hit single, Formation, has also been chosen for song and record of the year award, putting Beyoncé directly up against UK’s Adele who previously took the spotlight in 2012 for winning all three prizes.
In total, Beyoncé has been awarded sixty-two Grammy nominations for her performances as a solo artist as well as her contribution to the 90’s famous group, Destiny’s Child, pushing her to the top as the fourth most-nominated artist throughout history. In addition, she was presented with twenty trophies for her widely adored performance and vocal talents.
However, she has yet to receive the prize for album of the year, a major award she is yet again nominated for this upcoming ceremony. This category has also nominated artists such as Adele, Justin Bieber, Drake, and Sturgill Simpson as her major competitors for the title.
The pressure is on with this selection as artists such as Adele, who could become the second female artist to win best album twice.

No Beef

Audiences speculate that Beyonce and Rhianna, fellow R&B female artist, might be experiencing issues with one another due to their music similarities and Rhianna’s failure to be nominated for certain categories, such as Record of the Year.
Rhianna shut down this possibility saying the whole ordeal was “unnecessary”.

She also told fans to “stop putting black women against each other” and that she was not upset that Beyonce managed to grasp these nominations.

Rhianna herself was nominated for 8 categories on her own.