Y Combinator, which is a incubator for startups in Silicon Valley have said that they will go on a recruitment drive to get more black entrepreneurs into their fold. In a research, the company has seen that of all the entrepreneurs who come to them, 1% or less comprise of black population. In fact in the latest batch, only 3 out o all the entrepreneurs were black.

According to Sam Altman, who is the President of the company, they are trying to increase the numbers and “adding black colleges to its recruiting swing this fall, as well as reaching out to groups with strong ties to the black community to increase the pool of applicants.” “If we were to limit ourselves to founders of one group, we would miss out on a lot of great companies,” “We are making it known that we want to do more on this.”

The move comes after it was seen that the major companies in Silicon Valley have largely a white, Asian and male work force. The blacks may also feel discriminated against and as Altman remarked, “Whether real or perceived, and I personally think it’s real, there is a belief among these founders that they get taken less seriously and that makes it harder to get funding, press, customers, you name it,” “If you feel like the world wants a 22-year-old white man and you are not that, of course it negatively affects you.”

The comments of Y Combinator may have a far reaching effect because it is known as a company which has been associated with some very successful businesses like Airbnb and Dropbox.