Five Girls in the Age Of 11 To 17 Hit in the Gunfire

The reason or provocation for the shooting which took place in the early morning of 28th September at a nightclub named as The Spot is a mystery. What is an even bigger mystery is the presence of several minors and underage children in the nightclub at that hour. The Miami police has interviewed people and trying to unravel a hint which may lead to the cause for the shooting which left 15 wounded. According to Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll, 5 among the 15 injured include girls who are aged 11 to 17. As Carroll said, the presence of the girls was highly disturbing and the violence which was perpetrated in the presence of the minors was disturbing as well. Investigations are underway to understand which type of club The Spot is and police spokeswoman Frederica Burden said that she had never heard of the club earlier.

The Spot Set To Be In a Spot of Trouble

Whether the party was a private one or whether it was an open public party is still to be determined. The club’s license is set to be scrutinized thoroughly as well. The listed phone number of the club is out of service right now. Of the 15 victims, one is in a critical condition. The others are stable and some of the wounded have been released from the hospital as well. The shooting had terrified the patrons and by the time the Miami police and rescue crews had arrived, several people lay wounded inside and outside the club.

Perpetrators or Reason for the Shooting Not Found Yet

The first emergency crew who arrived on the crime reason was ordered to use extreme caution and tact in case the shooters tried a repetition of what they had done. There were also terrified people running on the streets with injured people on the ground who needed treatment first of all. One male was in fact not responding to treatment at all. According to Burden, the number of shooters involved is not clear. No arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified. Till now only the shooting spot has been cordoned off by the police and yellow crime scene tapes have been put up there. Emergency vehicles have been stationed in front of The Spot.