Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a good video game but comments from Rysota Niitsuma that the next release of the game work is not going on makes a lot of fans to believe there will be no release of the Game again.

But surprisingly,  a rumor of the game surfaced that the Marvel vs.  Capcom will be released by ‘Sony PlayStation Experience.

After a long time,  the rumor begins to turn out to be true. The next game release of Marvel vs. .Capcom will come out with a new name which is Marvel vs. Capcom: infinite.

What confirm that the rumor is true is the release of a trailer that showed Ryu and the great Mega man and iron man and captain Marvel each group representing the Capcom side and the Marvel side respectively.

From the PlayStation blog the game will encompass many modes from single payer mode to multiplayer modes with rich player content. The single player modes will includes Training, Arcade and mission’s .The game story will be cinematic story mode with a visual and stunning video

In this game player will be able to select their favorite character in the marvel and Capcom world .They will then engage in two on two battles which is different from the three on three formats.

From rumor the Marvel characters of the game will be focused on  character of the ongoing Marvel fictional universe this will include some Avengers characters  and guardian of the Galaxy, there might be other fighters from X-men movies but it was later told that x-men might not be part of the movies because of licensing issues

As it has been seen from the trailer released, Ryu and Captain of the avengers are using infinity stone to become powerful. From marvel world there are six infinity stone each stone contain unlimited power.

Each possess the power of time, space, soul, mind and reality players will be able to use this power in the game to gain certain power over there fighting opponent

This Game will tell the story about the clash of the two universes and introduces the games new villain.