Many people are clearly worried about what will happen to the world-renowned arts and culture society of the United States. Among many other sectors, the art world had been yet another vocal critic of Mr. Trump. It is noteworthy that not even a single well-known visual artist endorsed Trump during his campaign. The daunting question though – What do we do now?

Robert Lynch, president and CEO of Washington, DC based non-profit organization ‘Americans for the Arts’ have a clear answer.  “The arts have always been used as a healing force, and we have seen the power of art to affect people’s thinking. We just need to make sure the people who need to be affected by the art are seeing art — and one way to do this is for artists to engage with their elected officials,” Lynch declared. “A lot of people think that legislators come in with knowledge about every subject, but they’re actually very reliant on constituents helping them to shape ideas and policies.”

Calling legislators is one of the more effective ways to let them know that you care. “Let the elected leader know who you are, share your work, ask for a meeting,” suggested Lynch. “Become part of the process. That’s how other industries do it. Once that bridge is made, artists and arts organizations can become advisors; constituents can call upon elected leaders to help them think through problems,” Robert Lynch stated.

The CEO of the Washington-based entity, also said “In addition, to being a part of the political process, it is vital that we support organizations such as ‘Americans for the Arts’ for their noble cause. According to Lynch “monetary support is great, but what counts is the participation of the general public, in one form or the other. Arts is not a ‘glamorous’ thing to care about, I suppose. But it is vital that we do.”